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--- Citat från: Anders67 skrivet 26 mars 2020 kl. 21:25 ---
--- Citera --- Gregor Pungercic | Kocke klub
Gregor Pungercic | Kocke klub
Started conversation: 1 hour ago
Dear Anders,

Although we are in the middle of Coronavirus crisis, we all hope it will soon pass. We are already thinking about our feature event in October. Also this year we're planing our biggest exhibition »PLANET KOCK« on 17. and 18. October in Ljubljana. This year the LEGO exhibition, worshops, robotics, competitions and playgrounds will be on over 1.500 m² at main Ljubljana Fair Center.

Basic information are here: Here you can also find a short movie and some pictures from last year's Planet kock in November.
All the updates about the event will be on the link above and also on LAN:

I hope you can join us. I am also asking you, if you can please share this information to your LUG members on Forum and/or Facebook, and If someone will have time to come, It will be great. :)

What we can provide to exhibitors?
- lounge room where you can refresh yourself with soft drinks and pastries
- free lunch on both days
- a memory brick of the event
- an event custom made LEGO set
- debates with members of the Kocke klub and other exhibitors
- any other information you need for visiting Ljubljana city or other places in Slovenia 
Beside some LEGO competitions which will be organised during the days we'll also organise for exhibitors some teambuilding activities, AFOL dinner with a Bingo, AFOL Shopping day in certified LEGO Store with discounts and many more (detailed information will follow).

Please tell your members that they must first register as an exhibitor via Google form: or send us an email to After that they will get an email with information how to apply their MOC and all the other information will follow. 

If you have any questions, please just send me a massage.

Thank you and stay healthy!
Greetings from Slovenia,
--- Slut citat ---

--- Slut citat ---

Alltså just nu känns det där rätt lockande.  :P

SPeciellt om jag får klart min buss.   2 dagar körande dit ner.  3 om man stannar lite efter vägen :P

Du har häftiga byggen att visa upp! Själv har jag länge varit sugen på roadtrip, men det blir nog inte av, även om jag inte varit i den delen av Europa.


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